GISCLE Products

We are on a mission to bring forward a State of the Art Solution for Autonomous Driving In India . Our Aim was to make GISCLE Products cost effective and easy installation. With this aim we brought forward 2 of our Innovation in this field with the Launch of Offercam and Perception Module

Our Products


OfferCam - Dashboard Camera

OfferCam is a Dashcam which pays for you to drive. Mount your phone horizontally so, you could comfortable in driving from the video output. You will get rewards for the recording and be uploading the video.
Why we collect the data ?
1. We analyze the data which you upload to look for key information such as potholes, fallen signs, changing road condition etc.
2. We also update the right authorities with this information, so the entire action time can be reduced.

Currently Available for Android

Download For Android


GISCLE - Annotation Tool

GISCLE has brought forward a Annotation Tool , where user can log in to their account and Annotate Images using the Annotation Tool available in the Website . Users will be ranked according to how many images he/she Annotated .
And the Bonus is the Leader will get a chance to Ride a Autonomous Vehicle powered by GISCLE Autonomous Kit for Free ! Isn't that exciting ?
So , Start Annotating Now for a Free Ride

Currently Available for Desktop

Visit Annotation Website


GISCLE - Autonomous Kit

Coming Soon ....