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Real-time Customer Satisfaction

Detect real-time customer satisfaction to help brands improve the shopping experience and identify response to various stimuli.


Crowd Count

Brands can use body detection & counting API to measure the crowd density at points in the store to chart crowd insights.


Employee Log Time

Efficient and easy, now measure employees’ log times using facial identification to keep track of employee work-time.

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Featured API Monthly Plan

At Giscle, we believe that efficient design is required to build technology.

Ease of Access

Featured API Monthly Plan

Simplified interface for use over any application- web, mobile, camera, etc.


Featured API Monthly Plan

High accuracy APIs

Product and Pricing

Multiple products, specially designed for your Business requirement.


WebAPI enables your application to use different detection technologies based on your requirements. WebAPI are totally customized for your different applications such as image, video, live video.


Using SDK you can use all the technology offline on the edge. [Coming Soon]


You have your different requirements, please let us know, we will help you in solving your problem.

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